CFO Services

business consulting

We are your trusted advisor.  We guide you through the major financial aspects of your business:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Cash Flow Forecasting
  3. Operational efficiencies through process improvements
  4. Defining and monitoring Key Performance indicators
  5. Reports that help you understand your business
  6. Competent financial staffing
  7. M&A activities

Adams Woollgar

Financial Services LLC

General consulting:

All these skills can be unbundled and used in special projects. Here are examples where we have been engaged:

  1. A Silicon Valley start up was ramping up to their first sales.  We helped them decipher what the business model looked like 18-60 months in the future so they could start putting in the correct ERP systems to meet the future.
  2. We were called in to help Covered California go live with the Affordable Care Act.
  3. We built quoting templates to help a systems & maintenance organization quote accurately.  
  4. We provide a CFO-Controller Roadmap to help focus on key issues to be resolved.

Acquisitions & Dispositions

1.   Sale

  • Preparing the financial records before any sale
  • Preparing the due diligence data room
  • Strategy advice
  • Modeling impact of disposition
  • Winding-up the legal entity and business of an asset sale

2.   Purchase

  • Target analysis
  • Strategy advice
  • Modeling impact of acquisition
  • Data review
  • Post-acquisition integration